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A Gigi 

SOLD - Seva Gigi MO7-283. 33" Lovely broodmare of quality stock. Picture taken with last year's colt by Kerswell Nutcracker. Has bred beautifully marked foals although she's marked herself with lots of  white. £300.00 no offers

Sire: Ulyssus of Hasguard

Dam: Seva Za-Za


SOLD - Sawmill Jacamo. Born on 15th August 2016. Jacamo is a stunning chestnut dun colt, he looks very dark in his winter coat, quite light in his summer coat, he has a beautiful blonde mane. Super correct colt, he has wintered well living out with my boys, picture taken on the 8th February at 18 months old. £450.00 no offers

Sire: Kerswell Nutcracker.

Dam: Halstock Gorgeous.